Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

Harm Reduction Psychotherapy is an approach to treating problematic substance use that utilizes the insights, strengths, and techniques of a wide range of evidence-supported psychotherapies.  This vision of healing is based on a number of foundational concepts:

(a) People use substances for reasons – reasons that often need to be addressed before the individual will be willing to make changes in their drug and alcohol use.

(b) Addictions are complex in nature.  This means that some will seek to change their relationship to substances in rapid and dramatic ways, while others will want to do so more gradually – perhaps through a series of small steps.

(c) Most drug users are filled with ambivalence – parts of them want to continue to use and parts of them want to change.  These different motivational forces can be usefully conceptualized as voices, modes, or selves.  Each of these will be invited to speak throughout the therapy process.

(d) Although drug use is often rooted in inner pain, confusion, fear, and trauma, the addiction process does take on a life of its own.  This means that the work needs to place on two axes: the Horizontal, which is concerned with controlling and changing the drug use, and the Vertical, which addresses the underlying pain and disturbance that fuels it.

(e) This work also involves: (1) addressing stories, memories, and experiences from the past that are unresolved; (2) confronting fears and experiences of inner attack that dominate the present; and (3) envisioning and taking courageous action to create a new and better future.

These are the core principles of my work.  They are informed by my ongoing study of Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, Schema Mode Therapy, Gestalt Chairwork, Relapse Prevention, Contingency Management, Identity Theory, and Heroic Existentialism.

Psychotherapy and Training

At present, I treat patients and run training sessions in New York City. My phone number is 917-847-8627 and my email is kelloggchairwork@gmail.com

My fee is $300 per session

I look forward to working with you.

Scott Kellogg, PhD