The sources listed below each bear a positive relationship to Gradualism and are worth viewing.

  1. Andrew Tatarsky, PhD., is one of the pioneers of Harm Reduction Psychotherapy. His work shares a great deal with Gradualism and his rich and vibrant website can be accessed at:
  2. Jason Schwartz, LCSW, also wrestles with these issues. His Recovery-Oriented Harm Reduction is another attempt to help patients gradually recover. Some of his thoughts can be found at:
  3. Daniele Zullino, MD, is actually implementing harm reduction and gradualism in an exciting and comprehensive manner in Geneva, Switzerland. A PowerPoint presentation on the work of his group can be seen at:
  4. Mark Sehl, PhD, is a harm reduction psychotherapist who takes a Modern Psychoanalytic approach to addiction treatment.  His website is:
  5. Tim Bingham is doing wonderful work in Ireland where he is integrating harm reduction, relapse prevention, and a variety of person-centered therapeutic techniques and philosophies. His website is:

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